English Language Programmes

A choice of courses aimed at improving your English language skills


Learn online or in College; our lecturers have extensive experience helping students develop their language skills. 

Online Courses

General English Online

Flexible online course from 2 weeks
6, 9 or 15 study hours per week

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Online Pre-Sessional / IELTS Preparation Course

12 hours per week, Monday-Thursday
Intensive focus on all four language skills

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Online OET Preparation Course

Live Online Classes
22 hours total + indpependent study

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On-campus Courses

Study at The College and you will have access to one of the best English Language resource centres in the UK!

General & Intensive English

Flexible courses from 4 – 40 weeks
Full time, 15 or 21 hours per week

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English Plus

12 week course
Full time, 21 hours per week

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Summer School / Winter School

For Groups
2-4 weeks, 15 hours per week

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The International Course Guide 2020-21

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For International and EEA/EU students

The College offers English Language programmes to International students. An International student is defined as anyone who lives outside the European Economic Area (EEA)/EU.

A student living within the EEA/EU is considered a ‘home’ student; our English Language programmes are open to EEA/EU students but they will not be subsidised and the same fees apply as for International students.