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Diane Grannell, Principal / Chief Executive

On behalf of The Bournemouth and Poole College I would like to extend a warm welcome to International students to our friendly and cosmopolitan study environment.

As a long established provider of International study, you can be assured of high quality provision, excellent facilities and well qualified teaching professionals.

Combining traditional quality standards with innovative teaching and technology, The College offers a wide range of qualifications to prepare students for study at university, or to enter the work place as well-qualified employees.

As a long established provider of International study, you can be assured of high quality provision, excellent facilities and well qualified teaching professionals.

Our dedicated and experienced International team are on hand to ensure your time with us at The Bournemouth and Poole College is both enjoyable and successful, and are able to answer any questions you may have about living and studying within the Bournemouth and Poole area.

The local area is one of natural beauty and culture, with award-winning beaches, the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site and wonderful New Forest on our doorstep. Our football team, AFC Bournemouth, is in the EFL Championship League so we enjoy welcoming some of the UK’s best football teams to the Dean Court ‘Vitality’ stadium.

This truly is a great place for living, and a great place for learning and we look forward to welcoming you soon to The Bournemouth and Poole College.

A world of choice & opportunity

Students from over 40 countries

Enjoy our friendly, cosmopolitan study environment

A wide range of programmes

The Bournemouth and Poole College is a large government institution offering a wide variety of Further Education and Higher Education programmes. Each year around 300 overseas students from many different backgrounds and countries choose to study with us.

As one of the largest state funded Further Education colleges in the UK, we provide you with excellent facilities and teaching teams and offer a wide range of professional and technical courses which provide entry to university, membership of internationally recognised professional organisations and preparation for the world of work.

Lifestyle and choice

The Bournemouth and Poole College educates around 20,000 students each year, including International students from across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Rim. 

The local area is a very popular choice of destination for International students and offers an excellent lifestyle; when you study with us you are guaranteed a valuable and memorable experience.

Whether you are preparing for university, developing your professional or technical skills or studying languages, you will receive a high quality education and qualifications that are recognised by universities and employers around the world.

The best care for International students


From the moment you arrive at the airport, to the day you leave us, you can be assured of the best care and support. The College has been awarded the prestigious Beacon Award for the support of International students.

Providing English Language training and study skills support

The College is one of the UK’s centres of English Language training. You will be taught by leading experts and have access to some of the best learning facilities in the country, including extensive libraries, audio books and support materials. We offer flexible English Language programmes with regular start dates and English Language support while you study on a mainstream course.

Study with UK students

map no text 376 x 590pxAs the largest state college in the region, you will study alongside thousands of UK students. This provides an excellent opportunity to improve your English and learn about British life and culture.

Great Location

The local region, including the towns of Bournemouth and Poole, is a major UK tourist destination and beach holiday resort. The climate is good and there are activities for everyone to enjoy, including excellent shopping, nightlife, restaurants and, of course, the 7 miles of beaches and wide choice of water sports.

There are fast trains to London taking around one hour and forty minutes, and our position in the south of England offers outstanding opportunities for cultural excursions to London, Bath, Oxford and Thorpe Park to name just a few.

Meet some of our International students

Read what they have to say about their time with us 


The staff and tutors at The College are very patient and professional and although some of the subjects were difficult, the tutors offered a high level of support. The UK is a superb country and life in Bournemouth is peaceful, with beautiful scenery.

I was offered a place at the London School of Economics and am now studying there; I want to have a career in a managerial position.


I am currently studying in St. Andrews University in Scotland, reading the undergraduate programme of MA International Relations and Anthropology.  I am really enjoying it, not only because the University itself is big, with lot of green spaces, history and a nice international atmosphere, but also because the course is very interesting, and the teaching techniques and reading are making me enjoy it as much as I can.

Regarding the student uni life I think it is such a nice experience, I mean is difficult to settle in at the beginning, but that gets better when you start joining societies and clubs, therefore meeting people. For me, this first year has been more about getting used to the system, reading a lot, while remembering that it is with time and effort that you start meeting people, and that they are just not going to come to you always, so you need willingness. The most important thing is trying to find a balance between social and study life, which is, I suppose, the whole purpose of this process I am just starting.

The International Foundation Programme that I took in Bournemouth helped me a lot, firstly because, as I am studying International Relations and Anthropology, studying the first one as part of the course, plus social psychology and economics have helped me to have a strong theoretical background. Secondly, as an international student I find out that the academic system is very different from Colombia, then my essay writing, spelling,referencing and reading techniques, needed to be quite different, in this aspect The College was particularly helpful. Now, although I still need to keep improving and learning, I feel much more confident when I need to write my essays, reference my text and have better and more useful summary techniques. All of this, in general, to an extent helped me not to feel behind other students, which I believe is very important, emotionally, to feel that I have the possibility and all the skills to succeed as a international student in a foreign country.

Juanita Barreto Monje, from Colombia

I am 22 years old and I am majoring in English and English Literature in Korea. Last term, I decided to go to The Bournemouth and Poole College in England. There are several reasons why I chose this place. First of all, I love Britain’s history, culture and even their attractive accent too! While I was in Korea, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to learn about British English when I was in school. If you are Korean and say something in a British accent, I think almost everyone would look at you because most Koreans are exposed to American English. However, it doesn’t mean that Korean people hate British accent. Actually, they love it and want to pronounce that way.

Anyway, being in the United Kingdom I am fascinated by its rich and varied history, architecture and beautiful countryside and landscapes, particularly the North part. In addition, the public transportation such as the bus and rail systems are convenient and well-developed. Above everything, I was impressed by British people’s attitude (or manner) to disabled or old people. They are polite and always think about them especially in public places.

Bournemouth is a peaceful and safe place and there is the famous Bournemouth beach! In this College, there are various choices of courses. I think this system is helping students to design and build their future. When I took my first class in here, teachers helped me to getting used to this college system and suggest extra curriculum programmes such as sport activities or seminars. Teachers are attentive and caring about students all the time. Through teachers, you can learn about study skills, rules of writing essay or IELTS as well. Also, you could meet friends from many countries and get to know about another country’s custom and culture. From class, I learned not only language but also England’s culture, literature and even street words! The College arranged some trips for a cheap price and I visited Oxford, Thorpe Park and Devon. Now I feel like I want to know more about the UK and visit here at least one more time. That is my future plan but for now, I’m trying to do my best to figure out what kind of person I really want to be in my future. Hopefully, something related to what I have learned and achieved at The Bournemouth and Poole College.

Nasil Kim, from South Korea

I am interested in the course and it was challenging. In UK there is a different make-up style to Korea. I loved living in Bournemouth as it is not a busy city and the weather is usually sunny. I hope to go on to study at Bournemouth University.

Hwasomi Jo, from South Korea

I’m Shirley, come from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The International Foundation Programme I studied in is a quite challenging and inspiring programme. It provides us with sufficient skills knowledge to prepare for rigorous undergraduate study including in-depth learning in subjects like social psychology, economics and maths as well as research assignments which help improve crucial skills needed in university like referencing and wide reading. With the help of our lovely teacher, I found my genuine interest in math and chose to study the course BSc Actuarial Science and Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

No single sentence can describe what I have learned, from all the people I met and how much I’ve changed in this year. I really appreciate the patient help from all my teachers and my friendly classmates. Bournemouth and Poole College is located in a small and beautiful town in the south of England. People here are quite nice and there are plenty places to go for different cuisine from all over the world. One can also enjoy the quintessential British seaside peacefully within walking distance.


It was a good experience because I learned a different make-up style than in Korea. It was good that the process was more important than the result. The people here were very kind and it was nice to be near the sea. I am hoping to have a career in retail back in Korea.

Sueyon Seo, from South Korea

I am an engineer graduated from The University of La Sabana, Colombia. The last two years I was working as an environmental teacher and doing a volunteering job. I came to the UK because I wanted to level up my English and have an international experience in an incredible country as England is.

After finishing my English course I am planning to go back to Colombia and work with environmental projects which get involved with vulnerable communities and shanty areas. My aim is to create a change of culture and generate development within the society.

I want to work with non-governmental organizations, or National organizations which realize social projects. The English course that I took at The College provided me with the skills to manage English speaking and succeed with it. My time at The College was very enjoyable and the teachers helped me a lot.

Living in Bournemouth was an incredible time, it is pretty good because almost everything is close, it has a nice beach, people are polite and friendly and the city has a lovely student atmosphere.

The College offered support in my aims, as I had the chance of sharing the project in which I am working ‘Litre of Light’ and we made a fundraising event linking with the student community in Bournemouth.

Alejandro Clavijo Pachon, from Colombia

I enjoyed every single opportunity to improve my English, to learn about a new culture, to make friends and I’m sure that I will be a better tourism professional from now. This is a life-changing experience, hope that more and more people can have the same opportunity that I had!

Ana, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

I enjoyed my course because it gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I loved spending time studying in the UK because it really helped me understand the culture of the country. I loved living in Bournemouth as everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed meeting new people and understanding their culture. I also had a very good experience staying in my home stay.

I am extremely happy with my teachers and the staff in The College. They were always so helpful and supportive. I’d like to thank them for their support during my course. I participated in some international events the college hosted. They were very interesting and helped me meet different students from a variety of countries.

I will return to India, after I finish my Diploma in International Cabin Crew, and I aim to apply to international airlines. I want to say a big thank you to everyone!

Nimisha Puthussery Manuel, from India

I found The College well-organised and they helped me develop my writing skills and logical thinking. The teachers were very enthusiastic and there was a friendly study atmosphere.

I am now studying Accounting and Finance at London School of Economics (LSE).