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Pre-Arrival Information

Things to be aware of when preparing to travel to the UK

Border-Force-logo 232pxTop Tips for First Time Student Arrivals

As part of your preparations for studying in the UK, Border Force want to make sure you have everything you need to get through the UK border as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you arrive at passport control, you should expect Border Force officers to ask you simple questions about your studies or your stay in the UK.

Additionally when you arrive at the UK border, please make sure you:

  1. Have your passport ready and remove it from any cover.
  2.  Have completed a landing card (if a non EEA National).
  3. Have your university Certificate of Acceptance Studies (CAS) number. If you don’t have a CAS number please bring details of your course of study.
  4. Keep any medical documentation, recent bank statement and details of where you are staying in your hand luggage, you may be asked for this information.
  5. Do not give false or misleading information (including forged or counterfeit documents).

Please have this documentation ready in your hand luggage – do not place these documents in the airplane luggage hold.

There are restrictions on what you can bring into the UK:

  • This includes certain foods, plants, alcohol, tobacco, gifts and sums of money equivalent to $10,000 or more.
  • Do not bring in endangered plants or animals, this includes ivory, skins, hides and shells and any products made from them.
  • Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, offensive weapons or indecent or obscene material. Some items are restricted and will require a licence or permit.

More information on these restrictions can be found on the gov.uk website

Bournemouth and Poole College Pre-Arrival Guide

Pre-Arrival Guide

You will find it very useful to download our Pre-Arrival Guide, a 7-page document which includes a pre-departure checklist, details of how to get here, and a lot of other information you should know about coming to live and study with us.

Your first day

On your first day at The College you should report to the International Office (Room 17) where you will complete an Enrolment Form and have an induction.

If you are coming to study on an English Language programme you will also take an English Language Assessment so we can determine which class you will be placed in.

We will also need to have the following information from you:

  • Passport and entry clearance vignette;
  • If you are on a vocational or academic course, original translated copies of your latest academic qualifications;
  • Police registration document if relevant.

You will then receive your Student ID Card and a Welcome Pack with useful information for you to refer to during your stay with us.

If you arrive at the beginning of our academic year, e.g. September, you will be expected to attend our International Student Induction which will help you settle in to student life. You will meet International College staff, tutors and other International students.

College Attendance

A full attendance is required during your course.

The Bournemouth and Poole College is a licensed Student sponsor. Among the responsibilities of a Student sponsor is the need to inform the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) if you do not arrive, if you leave, defer or suspend your studies, or if you are absent for more than 10 days without permission.

We take our responsibilities seriously and expect you to accept a similar level of responsibility for your studies; we will help you all we can whilst you are with us.

Make sure you inform the College about absences due to illness. From time-to-time Immigration Officers contact The College to check the attendance records of International students. We are obliged to pass on such information.

A poor attendance record may be held against you should you apply to renew your Leave to Remain, and you will not receive College Certification if your attendance is unacceptable.

The best care for International students

From the moment you arrive at the airport, to the day you leave us, you can be assured of the best care and support.

Our dedicated and experienced International team is on hand to ensure your time with us is both enjoyable and successful. With over 20 years of international experience, our International staff are able to answer any questions you may have about living and studying within the Bournemouth and Poole area.

The College has been awarded the prestigious Beacon Award for the support of International students.