Revision Tips

We know that revising for an exam can be stressful, so why not follow these tips and make your revision time the most productive it can be.

Our tips start with one of the most important – don't overdo it! 

We know it’s tempting to spend hours on end staring at your textbooks, but in practice you’ll find that this isn’t the best use of your time. Instead, we suggest planning your revision sessions out for the day or week and giving yourself time to relax, continue any hobbies or see your friends in between revising. 

Some of you might like to use a diary or wall planner to set out your revision plan, but using your phone calendar, stopwatch and timers could work just as well. Make sure your plan is realistic and gives you enough time to disconnect from your studies too.

Next, let’s talk about the actual revision. Keep it visual.

Making videos, pictures, posters or flashcards using fun stationery can make all the difference to your revision sessions. A page of written text can be transformed into bite size chunks of visual information and you’ll be absorbing information as you go. Just remember to keep on task and not get too distracted!

Identify gaps.

We found a fantastic tip on The Student Room – set yourself a time limit (no more than ten minutes) and write down everything you know about a specific topic or module in your course. After that, compare it to the exam spec to highlight anything you missed or got wrong. This will help you find specific areas you need to study more.

Past papers are key. 

Practicing answering questions from past papers can give you a real insight into what examiners are looking for, and you can usually find the marking criteria too to check how you did. It helps to break down the questions and figure out exactly what you’re being asked. 


Read your revision out loud, present to yourself and even record videos of yourself talking through revision. Lots of people find information sticks in their minds better when it’s spoken.  

Spell it out. 

Ever heard of a Mnemonic? Teach yourself little rhymes to remember facts in order. The colours of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) can be remembered as Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.  

Get together... 

Revision with a small group of friends or classmates can be a great way to revise. Separate your subject into small areas and create presentations to teach each other. It’s a fun way to revise, but it can be challenging to stay on subject, so make sure you’re with the right people!

… and keep it together. 

Remember that although revision is hugely important, so is your health. Make sure you give yourself time to look after yourself both mentally and physically. A good night's sleep and a healthy meal will have a huge effect on your revision.

You might like to try some mindfulness activities or short meditations. There are plenty of apps, YouTube videos and podcasts available if you need guidance to disconnect from your studies and take a break.

Whatever you're studying for, we wish you the best of luck. Remember, it's always a good time to start considering your options for your next step. Click the button below to register to attend our next Open Event and learn how The College could be the best next step for you.

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