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Protecting our planet for future generations is everyone's responsibility. At the College, we encourage all students, staff and our communities, to get involved in positive action towards climate change. Whenever possible, we encourage the use of sustainable transport options, with initiatives such as the Cycle to Work Scheme. We hold an annual Sustainability Week, to focus on the key issues. Other Green initiatives cover a wide range of areas, all of which are managed in accordance with our Sustainability Policy.

Small changes can have a large impact. Through a constant focus on reducing energy consumption, we've achieved a decrease equivalent of over 33 tonnes of CO2, over the last few years. But this is just the start. We will:

  • Adopt the FE (Further Education) Climate Action Plan, with yearly national updates and twice termly internal updates
  • Task teachers with incorporating one or more sustainable development goals into their curriculum
  • Promote sustainability related work and pathways: jobs; apprenticeships; volunteering; and sustainability innovation in the fields of study at the College
  • Record and celebrate achievements made by the College and its communities
  • Continue to upgrade our technology to meet sustainability goals
  • Move from single-use plastic consumables in all campus shops to metal alternatives
  • Provide a branded metal refillable bottle for students when they start their course at College
  • Promote sustainability in prominent places on the website, including Sustainability News¬†and other channels
  • Commit to the Nature Pledge, as suggested and guided by BPC Council
  • Mitigate the impact of new, more energy-efficient developments such as at Lansdowne, by creating a green space with more trees planted than those removed to facilitate the construction
  • Continue to explore and promote sustainable travel options such as the Cycle to Work Scheme, to help improve local air quality and health and well-being.
  • Incentivise students and staff to use sustainable travel options through our partnership with Beryl, the leading bike-hire company, by on-campus events, group rides and free minute vouchers.