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Please use our handy search button below to explore our free online courses. Once you've found something that you're interested in, just complete an online application and we'll get you started.

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We have over 25 free online courses varying in duration, ranging from 8 to 21 weeks. Please note: these courses are government-funded on the condition that the course is completed. If you fail to engage and complete your course, you will be liable to pay a £125.00 administrative fee.

What our learners say

Carol’s 5-Star review: “I enjoyed the whole experience. They have given me a better understanding of mental health and the stigmas that are associated with the illness. It was an eye-opener and I will be using what I’ve learnt going forward.”

David’s 5-Star review: “This was a really interesting course that made me think about the bigger picture, also how I can do things which will help to protect the environment and make the business that I work for more sustainable.”

Carina’s 5-Star review: “My assessor was brilliant at supporting me, giving me advice and feedback throughout.”

Rebecca's 5-Star review: “I enjoyed it all - the platform was easy to use and really informative.  It helped me to think about each stage of developing a business.”

Joanne's 5-Star review: “I really enjoyed learning about the skills involved in counselling, and understanding how you would implement the skills in a counselling environment. The feedback I received on my assignments was also really great, very detailed and helpful”.

Laura’s 5-Star Review: "I really enjoyed the whole qualification, it was all really interesting. I am hopeful that knowing more about helping relationships will help me in the pastoral elements of my role as a tutor. The feedback was always prompt and detailed and there were expansion tasks or links for further information included, which I have found to be valuable. I have already recommended this course and provider to some of my friends and family who are interested in CPD for their own careers."