Celebrating Student Successes in HR Apprenticeships

The Bournemouth & Poole College again celebrates the achievements of their students as the September 2019 cohort of Level 5 HR apprentices reach a 100% achievement rate.

Among those students was Lloyd, who works in the Emergency Services and achieved a distinction in his apprenticeship. He said, “Gaining a formal qualification in an area in which I only had experience has helped to advance my career.” The value of an apprenticeship continues well into a career, and The College offers them at many levels. In Lloyd’s own words, “the friendly and humorous nature of the tutors made it a joy to study at The College.”

The Level 3 HR apprentices are also proving to be highly successful, and the rolling programme is currently at 89% achievement since its inception in September 2018.

One of the many successful Level 3 apprentices, Isabelle, works at Ramboll UK as an HR Coordinator. Reflecting on her time studying at The College, she said, “I really enjoyed my HR apprenticeship with Bournemouth & Poole College. The teachers were both supportive and friendly which made my experience very positive. The course content has provided me with a broad knowledge base on the different areas of HR. This will be valuable in my future development as an HR practitioner.”

Charlotte, another successful student on the Level 3 HR apprenticeship, was equally as enthusiastic to talk about her experiences studying at The College. She said, “I love learning through an apprenticeship as it allows you to access knowledge, skills and understanding both theoretically at College and practically at work. It has also given me great work experience in building an understanding of business environments and the soft skills needed in the workplace. The Tutors and Assessors at the College have been approachable and really supportive in answering any questions I have around the course or my college work, my employer has also been great in giving me time to complete my college work and have been supportive in helping me build my knowledge and skills at work.”

Charlotte has now joined the Level 5 HR apprenticeship course at The College. Charlotte said, “I have now started my Level 5 HR Business Partner/Consultant Course which is going help me build new knowledge and skills in line with my changing job role and responsibilities. If there is an apprenticeship route available for your chosen career I would always recommend it, it has been a great way for me to learn and to develop professionally.”

The Bournemouth & Poole College continues to be the number one organisation in Dorset for apprenticeships. There is a huge range of apprenticeships available and there is a dedicated team available to help support apprentices throughout the process.

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