Bournemouth & Poole College students showcase their aptitude for CGI

Students show cased their impressive CGI work

The computer generated imagery (CGI) design show at The Bournemouth & Poole College attracted dozens of visitors. 

This annual exhibition is where the worlds of the digital technology and graphic art collide, and the show’s reputation continues to grow. Members of the public and the industry attended to see the range of work on display. The students demonstrated their skills in computer-aided design technology for use in the film, gaming and design industries. They were also given a great opportunity to enhance their career opportunities by networking with the attendees from the CGI and design industries.

The show was held at the Digital Design Centre in North Road, Poole and it was opened by Ryan Parker, a former student who is successfully carving a career in the fast growing world of architectural representation.
Ryan works for Manchester-based company, The Neighbourhood, helping to change the way planned building projects and developments are viewed. 3D imagery is available to clients to help them visualise more accurately how a building will look when built.

Said Ryan: “ It’s a privilege to come back here to where I was inspired and learned so much and to see some friendly faces.”

This year more than 60 final year students split equally over the BSc and the FdSc courses are active in CGI.

Bournemouth & Poole college students, trained in the art of digital animation and design, go on to make careers in the gaming industry, digital publishing and some have even made valuable contributions to Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Kurt French, the show’s co-ordinator, said: “The BSc students normally have a high number of “firsts” and this looks set to continue this year, even with the high numbers on the course. The standard of work is exceptionally high, with the students being encouraged to achieve beyond what is expected of them.”

Borough of Poole leader Elaine Atkinson was among the early visitors to the show. She was impressed by the originality of the work.

Said Elaine: “There is an abundance of talent here and obviously people with this combination of computer ability and art skills are beating a path to the college door because of its reputation in this field.”