Getting a job

Helping you reach your potential

At The Bournemouth & Poole College we know that getting a qualification is only part of the story

That’s why everything we do ensures our students not only become qualified, but find jobs, keep them and progress in their careers. We want to make sure that everyone who leaves The College is ‘work ready’.

As well as the course you study, here’s what else you will benefit from:

Careers Advice and Guidance
The College has a team of professionally qualified Careers Advisers who can support you with your career planning before, during and after you come to College. They will take the time to understand your ambitions, qualifications and skills to help you achieve your goals. Find out more here
The Apprenticeships Team
Bournemouth & Poole College aims to help as many students as possible find the career opportunity they are looking for. The college's in-house Apprenticeship service is located at both the North Road and Lansdowne sites. They work with students to secure their future Apprenticeship.
Work Experience

Our students leave with more than just qualifications

At our College, our Full-Time courses are focused on giving you the best start in your future career. A central part to this is work experience. It will help you understand both the industry you’re training for and even more importantly, the wider skills you need to succeed in work. Find out more here

Career Path
Career Path, our easy-to-use online career service, is a great tool which can help you to plan your future. It gives you fast and free access to information about hundreds of careers, allowing you to make informed decisions at the touch of a button. See more here

Give something back to the local community while doing something that interests you!

Employers value experience and volunteering experience on your CV might be the thing that sets you apart in a competitive job market and gets you the job of your dreams! See more here

Employability resources
Securing the best job for you is really important, which is why we’ve created some useful resources. Whether you want to know how to write a winning CV, the best ways to succeed at interviews or need some top tips to get you ‘work-ready’, our employability resources can help you. Discover more here