Work-ready students

We want our students to leave us better qualified, more independent, creative, entrepreneurial and productive.

Our qualifications need to lead to something – a job (whether straight away or after some further study/training). It’s not just us that think so – businesses tell us they need employees with the right knowledge, skills and ‘work-ready’ attitude.

We work with over 2,000 businesses

We spend a lot of time with businesses from across the region. It not only helps us to source potential jobs for our students, but also means we pick up inside knowledge about what you need to learn to succeed in your chosen industry.

Businesses such as Sunseeker International, Cobham Engineering and The Ritz Hotel review our programmes. This helps us to incorporate the latest industry practices into our teaching and to deliver the future employees they need.

The College offers fantastic work experience placements and employability training, along with fantastic opportunities for volunteering in the community.