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Bournemouth & Poole College is committed to embedding Safeguarding across the whole college.

The College recognises that all students, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults, have a fundamental right to be protected from harm, exploitation and discrimination, to ensure that they feel safe and capable to attend college and successfully complete their courses.

The College provides an inclusive environment which promotes equality, self-confidence and ensures that students feel valued and respected. The College also endeavours to show support and give students an understanding that their concerns are listened to and acted upon.

The College is committed to ensuring best practice is adopted when working with all children, young people and vulnerable adults, and is dedicated to offering them support and protection. The College accepts that it has a legal and moral responsibility to fulfil its duty of care, by implementing procedures to safeguard students’ well-being and to protect them from abuse.

The College ensures that all staff, Board Members, volunteers and contractors at the organisation understand the importance of working in partnership with students, their families/carers and other agencies, to promote and safeguard the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults at the College.

Do you feel safe?

It's really important to us that you are safe at all times: at college, travelling to and from college, when you’re out and about, and at home.

If for any reason you do not feel safe, or you know someone who you feel may be in danger, please contact one of the Safeguarding team immediately.

We can help

The College has a team of designated Safeguarding Officers.

If you need help, call the relevant number for your site:

  • Lansdowne and Apprentices - 07774 974781
  • North Road and Fulcrum - 07714 851103

Safeguarding Leads

  • Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead – Lloyd Perry ( - Director of Student Inclusion and Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ruth Bartram ( - Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Anti Bullying champion: Ana Catala Ruiperez

Online Safety champion: Brian Stewart

Young Carers champion: Leah Ruth

Alternatively you can contact us at:


Visit: See us at The Link (Lansdowne or North Road) - male and female listeners available

You have a right to be and feel safe

Following the introduction of the website ‘Everyone's Invited’ we wish to reassure all students and their parents and carers that we have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of sexual abuse or harassment, including between peers.

Our dedicated and trained safeguarding team are available during college opening hours to listen and respond to disclosures. We can be contacted by email ( or phone (01202 205764).

  • We treat all disclosures with sensitivity, ensuring that the student's voice is heard
  • We have male and female listeners available
  • We work closely with the Police and outside agencies to ensure that there is a joined-up approach to any disclosure. This includes contacting the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) with any disclosures of students aged under 18 (aged under 25 if in receipt of an Educational Health Care Plan EHCP)
  • We will support the alleged victim at every stage of the disclosure
  • We will support the alleged perpetrator at every stage of disclosure
  • We support disclosures in line with our published Safeguarding Policy [Link]
  • We set expectations of behaviour between peers through tutorials for all 16-18 students
  • We follow our Managing Student Behaviour policy when addressing allegations of sexual abuse or harassment between peers.

If a student is in immediate danger of harm, the Safeguarding emergency contact details are 07774 974781 (for Lansdowne and Apprentice students) or 07714 851103 (for North Road and Fulcrum students) or speak to any member of staff.

The Police, via Children’s Services, alert the College to any domestic abuse incident that has occurred at the home of one of our students. Routinely the detail of the incident will not be shared with the College unless there are other concerns about the young person’s welfare.

First Response

T. 01202 123334 Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5.15pm, Friday: 8.30am to 4.45pm or email

Out of hours

T. 01202 738256 or email

The latest contact details for the assessment team are:

Tel: 01202 128885 or email