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At ReNew Hair and Beauty we offer a bespoke experience for our clients in a unique setting. We are a training provider with a difference and our ethos of working towards ethical and environmentally sustainable practices can help your business too. By training your apprentices to work in a sustainable way they will help you to; keep your water usage down, potentially use less towels, be aware of the associated problems surrounding over-mixing colour, and wasteful use of shampoo/conditioner or styling products.

Who we are

We have a long established history of delivering outstanding hair and beauty training and we work with salons to maximise the potential of their workforce. We are currently developing the themes for an in-house competition as well as a show where the students will get to show off their creative styling skills, and you can come along and support them to do this!

These kinds of opportunities give our apprentices the chance to grow in confidence and practice working together to create their vision. In our industry these are all very important skills to develop in order to create beautiful imagery for competition entries, or advertising materials for your salons, as well as creating great content for your social media streams.

Our inspirational training sees us train over 60 apprentices and work with over 45 salons every year. Our tutors are some of the industry’s top trainers and all have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. They have been salon owners/managers, creative and art directors, been involved photographic shoots, behind the scenes at fashion shows, hair shows, music video and done film and TV work.

You can be assured that we will support and advise your apprentices on the fantastic opportunities for their career once they are qualified. Motivating and inspiring our young apprentices to want to reach far with their careers makes them keen to learn and know as much as they can, and in turn will create a better standard of apprentice for you in your salons.

How we can help your business to grow

We offer a tailored service designed to meet the needs of your business. As well as our tailored Apprenticeship service we can also offer the following to help you secure your future apprentice. This includes:

  • Advertising on Find an Apprenticeship
  • College open events including a dedicated Apprenticeship event in National Apprenticeship Week
  • Promotion of your business and vacancy at school careers fairs
  • Social media adverts
  • Regular vacancy lists sent to schools
Employer incentives

If you’re looking to hire an apprentice, there are incentive payments available. Check the website for all of the latest information on how much you could be entitled to.

Hear what our employers say

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our employers have to say about Apprenticeships!

Simone Thomas: Simone Thomas – “I decided to recruit apprentices as they are cost-effective to the business and it’s great to watch them grow and progress into a hairdresser.”

Russell Grant: Revel Salon – “New recruits release older apprentices to develop further. We now have greater capacity to service our growing clientele.”

Liz Dunne: Barnet & Belle – “We find having apprentices such an important part to our business as they bring fresh ideas and energy to our business. Most of my team at Barnet & Belle are all grown from apprenticeship, it’s a great and sustainable way to grow a strong business, I would highly recommend taking on an apprentice!”


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