Hear from our employers

What do our employers think about Apprenticeships?

2,000+ employers across Dorset and the surrounding area are already reaping the benefits of working with The College to recruit apprentices.

Some of them share their experiences of working with The College and how our Apprenticeship Solutions has helped them.

3 Sided Cube
Rich Strachan, 3 Sided Cube"Having the Apprenticeship as a way to attract and bring in local talent to grow with us as a business is a huge benefit for us. And it has certainly allowed us to nurture our relationship with the college and has opened our eyes to how flexible and relevant Apprenticeships are for the STEM industries." Read more
Bournemouth Borough Council Housing and Communities Directorate
Bournemouth Borough Council Apprenticeships with The Bournemouth & Poole College Dorset"If you’re considering Apprenticeships for your business, do it. In terms of business continuity, increasing efficiency and investing in your local community, they are second to none." Read more
Fred Pope Engineering Services Ltd
Fred Pope Engineering, Swange, Dorset, Apprenticeships with Bournemouth and Poole College"If you want to further your company and grow it, and also offer genuine opportunities in your industry, then Apprenticeships are the way to do it." Read more