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CRE8FEST’24, the vibrant and lively Bournemouth and Poole College Creative and Digital Festival for our talent pipeline ran from Tuesday, 2nd July to Wednesday, 3rd July. 

The programme of events took the audience through a kaleidoscope of colours in the Art block and North Light Studio, a myriad of digital creations in the University Centre and Esports suites with a multitude of performances – dancing, singing and music - in the Jellicoe Theatre and the designated marquee in the back of college car park. 

The yearly event takes place over two days and parents, relatives and friends are invited in to get a taste of what students can do – from a creative and artistic perspective. 

The afternoon performance taking place in the Jellicoe Theatre was comprised of Level 3 Dancers doing a tsunami-inspired dance ‘Against all odds’, followed by a stunning singing performance by Lily Baker and finally, Level 3 Performing Arts did a choir performance. On Tuesday, 2nd July at 6 pm, students also experienced their end-of-year award ceremony. Students’ achievements were recognised and celebrated across all areas of the Directorate.

Stuart Palmer, Director of Learning | Creative and Digital Industries, said: “This year was the first year we have run CRE8FEST for The Creative and Digital Industries. We welcomed parents, carers, industry partners and our staff to see the wide variety of work the students have been working on across all disciplines in our Directorate. The students get a tremendous feeling of pride and joy and they have been really pleased with their efforts this year. Special thanks to Jon Davis for his brilliant leadership for the awards ceremony and Holly Burridge and her amazing Dance Troupe.” 

Coco Tarleton, a student at CRE8FEST said: “I am thrilled to receive the Principal's award. I have just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts but began my journey on the BTEC courses after I finished my GCSEs. The college has helped me grow, learn and believe in myself. Now as a graduate, I am a radio presenter looking to pursue my career further in presenting. The award has demonstrated to me the belief my lectures have for me and my new chapter leaving. I want to thank the Principal, for choosing me.”

CRE8FEST Performing Arts Students Put on a Show