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On a bright and sunny Thursday -  6th June - Little Lives UK Charity employees descended upon Bournemouth and Poole College Poole campus and kindly donated an EV (Electric Vehicle) van to our college, for Automotive students to work on. 

Little Lives UK is a charity that is dedicated to supporting disabled and disadvantaged children and young people; to help them build stronger futures. The charity operates several charity shops in London.

The 2009-built van, a Aixam Mega 600 Electric Van (manufactured in China) is notable for its distinctive design; which contributes to aerodynamics with a wind resistance of just 0.215 Cd, the lowest among multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) on a global level.

Frantisek Helmeczy, Technical Director of Little Lives UK said: “We are proud to be able to give the college this van and hope that it provides students with an excellent base to work on. Currently, the van does not have a reverse gear that works, but we’re hoping the college can work on this and get the vehicle fully functional. It’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside and support the college as our HQ is based locally in Wimborne and we are close by. We’re hoping to work on more projects with the college in the future.”

Bournemouth and Poole College extends a heartfelt thank you to the charity for its generous efforts. 

Rebeca, Kurt and Bournemouth and Poole College's Peter Leech

Rebeca, Kurt and Bournemouth and Poole College's Peter Leech