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Students and staff held a Digital 3D Computer Generated Image (CGI) Graduate Expo on Tuesday, 11th June to celebrate the successes of the end of another year in the creative industries. 

The showcase event saw several presentations including Emma Myall and Elizabeth Turner from Space Ape Games, Samuel Williams (a Year 3 Graduate), and Irek Minkiewicz (now employed as a Junior 3D Artist at Darcstudio) who also received the ‘Year 3 Student of the Year’ accolade.

Other certificate winners included Lucy Tarrant (Year 2 Award for Achievement), Ben Case (Year 2 Tutor’s Award) and Toby Sulemani (Year 2 Student of the Year Award), and Emilio Nunez (Year 3 Tutor’s Award). Before the presentations, students were treated to a buffet lunch and during the event, guests could view all the animations that were showcased.  Afterwards the student group headed to The Bermuda Triangle pub in Ashley Cross, for an end-of-year party.

Irek Minkiewicz talked through his animation, aptly entitled ‘Choice’, which is set in post-World War 2 Poland. It is – unusually for Animation – made in black and white in a valid attempt to recreate the scenes from yesteryear, with lots of establishing shots. The main protagonist is a former soldier with facial expressions of Irek’s own superimposed onto the image of his character. The former soldier battles Soviet-backed authorities who demand he betray his principles. His principles lead him to choose sacrifice and likely death, highlighting themes of integrity, freedom, and the cost of standing up for one's beliefs.”  

David Hobson, the 3D CGI degree course Program Lead said: “We are continually amazed by the level of skill our students develop on the course, which emphasises creativity whilst integrating the latest technology to help students achieve their desired results.”

“For the lecturers teaching on the course, we also learn a lot alongside our students. The technology and software we use evolve so rapidly. Students are often quick to familiarise themselves with these, and consistently bring fresh creative ideas and imaginations that translate into their animation and visualisation productions. Our challenge is to adapt our teaching methods to meet their needs, ensuring an immersive and technically robust learning experience, and one that is a lot of fun.”

Our student body is incredibly diverse. For instance, Irek has surpassed all expectations, exploring every facet of the creative process. He has excelled in every area we've taught, demonstrating outstanding achievement across the board."

Both Irek and other certificate holders were pleased to win awards for their efforts. Irek said: It’s really great to get an award and to be recognised” Another student, Ben Case said: “I’m really proud of myself, I didn’t expect to win an award. I’m currently in the second year and next year I aim to develop my 3D production skills and improve upon what I’ve learned in both the first and second years.”

CGI Graduation Expo Higher Education Awards 2024

CGI Graduation Higher Ed Awards 2024