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Celebrating our differences

At Bournemouth & Poole College we champion equality and diversity, and for us it’s all about being pro-active, practical and positive.

The College offers an inclusive workplace, where everyone is welcome and where our staff are comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. We strive to create environments that reflect the communities we serve, to be yourself. We employ our staff based on their abilities and potential, and welcome individuals from all walks of life.

We want to ensure that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our work and this is underpinned by our college values. The abilities of disabled people are recognised and valued at all levels of the organisation through:

  • focussing on what employees can do rather than what they cannot do;
  • challenging stereotypes about disabled people and in particular, not making assumptions about an individual’s abilities;
  • making appropriate reasonable adjustments in the workplace so that all employees can reach their full potential regardless of any disability.

This helps us to achieve our best without unfair obstacles, stigma or stereotyping, or being restricted by anyone’s expectations of our ability.

In practice, equality means three things for all of us:

  • Being able to get to, into, and around the College, and complete the learning journey, with equal ease and dignity;
  • Having a sense of belonging and being well looked after;
  • Feeling the place, the programmes and the policies have been designed with us in mind.

It makes The College a more creative place to learn and work.

We celebrate the fact that our students, staff, partners and friends are from different social and ethnic backgrounds, different sexualities and genders, and a range of ages, cultures and faiths. One of our core college values is, "A champion for equality through learning" - we are consistent, fair and innovative in the way we deliver our learning opportunities.

In practice, this means:

  • Seeing and hearing people like ourselves around – as students and staff – so that The College mirrors the diversity of society;
  • Listening to different points-of-view to improve how we run the organisation;
  • Valuing our differences as well as the things we have in common.

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