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Want to make a difference to your college?

One of the things that makes The College such a great place to study, is that we listen to and act quickly on student feedback. While you’re with us, you have the chance to take responsibility for making real changes.

There are lots of ways for you to influence what happens here, so read on, get involved and make a difference! Enjoying different experiences and taking on additional responsibilities is a big confidence boost and can help you in the future, as you apply for university or for a job.

You’ll no doubt see our College Principal, Phil Sayles, around campus. He's always willing to stop for a chat, so feel free to stop him and share your thoughts.

Bournemouth and Poole College’s Students’ Union (BPCSU) have created "Our Voice, Our College" to provide students with a voice at the College and to ensure your views and opinions are listened to. BPCSU’s aim is to make your student journey the best it can be and that you have the opportunity to engage with the college.

BPCSU hold Our Voice, Our College weeks four times a year, which are dedicated to getting your voice and opinions about all aspects of the College. Once all themes are collected at the end of the week, focus groups are held to cover three of the key topics from the discussions. The outcome of these groups is shared with you in the College, to show you how we are working to improve your experience at the college.

The Student Executive Committee is a group of students that are elected each year by you, to work with us in making big decisions for the Students’ Union. Student Execs are there to listen to your feedback and work with staff, to make sure that your time at the College is the best it can be.

Each year a President is elected by you, to lead the Students’ Union. Their role is to deliver a manifesto and make the College better for the students. The President works closely with the Student Executive Committee and liaises with the College Senior Leadership Team, to work on matters that affect you throughout your time at college.

Student Ambassadors are very important roles, that are there to represent the College and take part in events and activities throughout the year, including Open Evenings and staff interview panels. There are three different positions available: College Ambassadors, Mental Health Ambassadors and Higher Education Ambassadors.

Each year, an Our Voice, Our College Conference is held to provide students with the opportunity to give feedback about life at the College. A range of workshops are organised by staff to give students a greater chance to voice their opinions and ideas.