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Executive Team Members

Phil Sayles

Phil Sayles, Principal

Ali Leaverland

Ali Leaverland, Vice Principal, Curriculum and Quality

Sarah Hutchings

Sarah Hutchings, Chief Operating Officer

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith, Assistant Principal, People and Student Experience

Antony Carr

Antony Carr, Executive Director, Higher Education and Skills

“I’ve worked for 25 years in FE Colleges; as a lecturer, Learning Manager, Director, then at Exec level, leading both educational delivery and support functions, giving me significant experience of everything we do. I’ve been a Principal/CEO for over five years.

My role is to lead our organisation and work externally to enable us to make the maximum positive impact on society and for our students and clients.

I’ve learned a way of doing things that works, starting with trust, openness, listening, involving and empowering. I work with determination to provide the resource, space and support for colleagues to be really effective.”

"I’ve worked for over 27 years in the FE sector, as an Assessor, Lecturer, Verifier, Advanced Practitioner, Curriculum Manager, Director of Student Services and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. My experience in leading a range of curriculum areas and support services gives me a sound knowledge of how curriculum and support can work together to provide high-quality education. In addition, I have also been the Quality Nominee under the new Skills Inspection regime at my last college in 2022, where we were rated Good with Outstanding features.

My role at the College is to ensure that it provides the best educational opportunities for our community through a high-quality, broad and balanced curriculum.

I choose to work in the further education sector because I truly believe that further education has the power to change lives."

"Prior to joining the college I worked for seven years in Higher Education and for over twenty years in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Engineering and Marketing & Distribution across a variety of Leadership, Finance, Risk, Project, Change and Transformation roles, so I bring a broad range of experience in different environments.

My role at the college is to ensure we have the right resources in our facilities, equipment and software to deliver great learning and to ensure sound and sustainable finances.

I enjoy the breadth of my role and contributing to the impact we have collectively on changing our students' lives. I aim to allocate resources in a fair and transparent way, whilst ensuring the college is financially sound for the long term."

"With 18 years of experience as a senior and Exec leader, including 15 years in the Further Education sector, my passion lies in fostering and developing an environment where both students and colleagues can thrive.

I love working in the FE sector because we have the opportunity to provide exceptional support for success for both students and colleagues. Throughout my career I’ve honed my expertise in various areas spanning professional services and curriculum leadership. Currently I oversee departments crucial to student and colleague well-being and development, such as Student Inclusion and Support, HR (People Team), Organisational Development and Health and Safety.

My goal is to provide comprehensive opportunities for growth and development for all and to effectively advocate for our college community and our sector. I aim to always be guided by empathy and care."

“I have worked 28 years in Further Education, with 16 as a Senior Leader. I also have experience across many elements of Further Education including Data, Funding and Compliance, Apprenticeship Delivery, Employer Engagement, Higher Education and Adult Contract Management.

My role at the College is through leadership and co-ordination of all elements of provision that support employers to develop their workforce. I’m also the Skills Nominee for our Ofsted Inspection.”

Senior Leadership Team Members

"I’ve worked in education for 25 years, initially in Higher Education and for the last 8 years in Further Education. My current role as Director of Governance involves supporting the board in meeting high standards of governance, including fulfilling legal or regulatory requirements and decision-making."

“I have 17 years’ experience in the education sector, both in the UK and abroad as a Pastoral Support Coach, Lecturer, Teaching and learning Coach, Curriculum Manager, Examiner, Quality Manager and Director of Quality. I’m committed to championing educational excellence for every single student, and promoting positive student journeys. I am an Assistant Nominee and an experienced Trustee for a Specialist SEND provision.” 

“For over 15 years I have contributed to both Further Education and Secondary School settings in various capacities such as assessor, lecturer, internal verifier, Quality Manager, Curriculum Manager and Director of Learning. Through these experiences, I have gained a thorough understanding of education. My commitment to education is my passion, motivating me to empower our learners to be the best they can be.”  

“I have 17 years of experience in further education including Teaching, Curriculum Leadership and Digital Development.  I am passionate about innovation in education and continuously seek to harness new technologies to empower both educators and learners.” 

“I’ve spent 20 years working in the Further Education sector, enjoying the time working in both curriculum and support roles. I’m passionate about supporting all students to be the best they can be.” 

“I hold over 25 years in FE, as a Management Accountant, Head of Management Accounts, Head of Finance and Director of Finance. I’ve worked in Audit, Insolvency and Senior Finance roles in accountancy practice and private industry. I’m eager to ensure students have the resources they need to succeed."

“After an initial decade in Banking, I have spent the last 2 decades working in the Estates and Facilities Management field for Top 100 Corporates across UK, Europe and South Africa - my introduction to the Education sector was 2 years with the University of London, before joining the College 2 years ago. My specialism is ‘generalism’ – I do all things ‘Property’, and I am especially proud to be playing a part in the inspiring DfE Transformation Project at Bournemouth Campus that will leave a lasting legacy on this beautiful southwest coastline.” 

“I have over 14 years experience in FE, Professional Services – as a Senior Administrator, Team Leader, Manager, Head, then Senior Leader. I like to help drive progress to evolve our systems, streamline our processes and deliver effective change management. Every decision I make is aimed at enhancing the learning experience and advancing our college.” 

“I re-joined the college in the summer of 2023 with 16 years of Further Education experience, including eight previously with this college. I started in Further Education as a Lecturer in Automotive before moving into management in various sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Marine, Electronics, Digital and Computing, Business and Finance and Apprenticeship Management. I have a strong passion for creating the best possible learning environment and actively promoting employer involvement with all aspects of curriculum design and implementation.” 

“I have worked in Further Education, in our college, for nearly 40 years, supporting students and staff to use IT in their work. I joined as a student studying Computer Science in 1981.  My career with the college has seen the introduction of a huge range of technologies. My role is to ensure that our students have access to the technology they need to be successful. I am passionate about placing an emphasis on customer service so that students gain the best experience we can provide while ensuring that IT environments are safe and that our learning systems are protected from cyber threat.” 

“I’ve had almost 25 years in education, with 15 years as a senior leader, as Teacher, Head of Department, Learning Manager, Deputy Head of Curriculum Faculty, Head of Curriculum Faculty, Advanced Skills Teacher, University Visiting Lecturer, University Visiting Tutor, Deputy Vice Principal, Senior Deputy Vice Principal and Director of Learning. I am passionate about challenging our high-flying students to fly higher, nurturing and caring for our students who need more time and support to succeed and creating the conditions for colleagues to excel.” 

“I’ve worked in Further Education for over 20 years, starting my career as Student Union President and then Student Finance Advisor at Salisbury College (now part of Wiltshire College). I have worked in various leadership roles within Student Support and Inclusion over my 18 years at Bournemouth and Poole College. My current role is as a senior leader responsible for Safeguarding, Student Wellbeing, SEND, Inclusion, Student Health, Student Voice, Student Engagement, Careers, Personal Development and Employability.”