Georga, Software Apprenticeship

Software apprentice working with colleague in office environment

Georga Turner, age 18, 3 Sided Cube

"It’s helped my development style and helped me to get the skills I’ll need to hopefully one day secure my dream role as a senior developer."

Things change so quickly in this industry and I’d heard so many companies and leaders say that you don’t need a degree anymore and that learning on the job offered better opportunities. So for me choosing to do an Apprenticeship seemed to be the ideal way to get into the industry. 

Software apprentice in office environmentI have a real passion for software development. I spent two years studying a BTEC which gave me the background into the industry, but also gave me time to mature and cement my passion. Continuing the Apprenticeship through the college meant that I could also continue studying in an environment I was familiar with being taught by the same tutors too.

My current role at 3 Sided Cube is Android Developer Apprentice and is 100% the best decision I’ve ever made. I originally came to the company back in Year 10 on work experience, then last year on an internship. I’m so grateful they’ve had me back for my Apprenticeship and to be the company’s first apprentice is a real honour. 

I am treated as a full member of the team. I am involved on all projects and meetings. For me the best part has been getting to work on a live project after just three weeks of being here! It has given me such an insight into how the company works while developing apps.

The role is much more collaborative than I ever thought it would be. I get to work with other members of the team, ask questions and get feedback. But seeing what I’ve created come to life and being used is just amazing.

I think doing an Apprenticeship has made me much more confident and helped me to understand how I fit into a business. I get to apply the knowledge I have learnt, get direct feedback from senior members of the team and it’s that feedback which has helped me hugely. It’s helped my development style and helped me to get the skills I’ll need to hopefully one day secure my dream role as a senior developer.

To be a good apprentice you need dedication, but remember the work, life college balance. When I finish I want to stay on at this company and broaden my developing skills – including iOS and specialise in React Native and other developer languages.

If you’re more practical and value gaining skills in the workplace then an Apprenticeship is 100% the right choice for you. There are lots of companies who are seeing the benefits of on-the-job learning. You can be academically minded and refer to your notes while making a live product. You get greater flexibility to learn how you want to learn rather than in a set way. No matter what industry you want to go in to there will be an Apprenticeship that’s right for you.