Barbara, Engineering Apprentice

Barbara Muro, Engineering Apprentice in workshop

Barbara Muro, age 22 , Aish Technologies

"The Apprenticeship is providing a stepping stone into my dream career"

I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. Growing up in Venezuela you have the ambition to go to school and then to university, but when I moved to the UK, university was so expensive it wasn’t an option for me to continue my studies. 

Barbara, Engineering ApprenticeIt must have been fate that an email from the College landed in my inbox for an Open Event. I decided to pop along to the event to see what options might be out there for me to study and work at the same time. That’s when I found out about the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Engineering.

It was while I was on the HNC that I learned about Apprenticeships. The fact that a company supports your studies, you are paid, you learn the theory and you get the practice too seemed like a fantastic opportunity. So I applied and was accepted for the Apprenticeship at Aish Technologies.

Although I have moved from the HNC to a lower level, the Apprenticeship is providing a stepping stone into my dream career. Plus I will be able to re-join the HNC next year which is great.

Most Apprenticeships are day release, but mine is slightly different as I come to college for six months to learn the theory before moving into the workplace where I will put my learning into practice.

To be a good apprentice you need to remain focused and keep in mind your end goal. It is a big commitment, but you also need remember to have fun too. Being able to prioritise your work will help with this and the Apprenticeship has really helped me to develop these skills.

If you're thinking about an Apprenticeship I'd say the fact you get experience, the company supports you, you meet a lot of new people and get team working skills, why wouldn't you do one?