Work Experience

Skills and experience for your future

Our students leave with more than just qualifications

At our College, our Full-Time courses are focused on giving you the best start in your future career. A central part to this is work experience. It will help you understand both the industry you’re training for and even more importantly, the wider skills you need to succeed in work.

Work experience can take many forms, but essentially you’ll complete one of two types of work experience – an industry placement, or a work placement.

Industry Placements

Some of our courses now offer the brand new, 45-day Industry Placements. These have been introduced as part of the Government initiative to develop employability and technical skills. To complete one of these placements, you will already have a number of work-related relevant skills to apply within the workplace. The 45-day Industry Placements maximise your chances of stepping into skilled employment following your course. This opportunity bridges the gap between education and employment.

A 45-day Industry Placement is a flexible, extended work placement within your chosen industry and is completed alongside your selected course. We are committed to helping our students access high quality placements that enable networking, CV building, confidence and in some cases, can even lead to offers of paid employment.

Work Placements

Work Placements make up an essential part of your Full-Time study programme. They provide a meaningful experience to help you gain employability skills in a professional environment. You can use this to explore potential career paths, develop future employment opportunities and expand your network.

We encourage you to find your own placement locally as this helps to develop your job search and interview skills. We have dedicated Work Placement Officers to ensure you have on-site support and guidance when choosing, preparing and securing a placement. As soon as you are accepted on to a course at our College, it’s a great idea to start thinking about the type of place you want to do you work placement, and even start contacting employers. At the very least, make sure you have a CV!

More Information and Support
  • Speak to your course tutors
  • Speak to your Work Placement Officer for more support and guidance
  • Contact Careers, Information and Guidance for general careers advice. They can support you with your career planning before, during and after you come to College
  • Contact the BASE Team for help and support with interview skills, writing a CV and gaining employability skills
  • Employers, students and parents can all email with any questions or queries

Work experience is a key part of studying at our College. We want our students to benefit from the best work experience possible and that's why we have developed close partnerships with local, regional and national businesses.

There’s no substitute for trying things out for yourself and work experience gives you the chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You might be offered the chance to visit a company, do an internship, or work on a real life project.

It means you leave with a qualification that demonstrates you have the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to be ready for work and are in the best position to get the job you really want.