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Help train the future generation

Work experience can offer a huge benefit to you and your business

Each year we help our students gain industry-based skills related to their course by working with local businesses who provide work experience opportunities. The value to our students of being able to experience what it is like in a real workplace cannot be underestimated, even for a short time. Over the years we have developed some fantastic partnerships with employers which is forever growing.

Students studying T Levels are now required to complete a 45-day placement as part of their studies. This represents 20% of the time on their course, and is intended to give students the skills and knowledge companies look for.

How other work experience works

A work experience placement is typically for one to two weeks on a voluntary basis where a student will gain work-related skills and a chance to apply what has been learnt in college to industry.

A student may contact you directly to enquire or as a college, we may do the same. Once a date has been set, we will provide you with the relevant information and their Work Experience pack.

Employers who can provide a placement are assessed to ensure they provide a safe working environment and will be able to offer a beneficial placement, whilst reaping the rewards of working with our students.

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