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Getting the most out of your time at college

During your time at the college you'll have access to a range of Careers Guidance and support activities that are delivered through the College’s Careers Guidance Programme.

The programme is designed to help give you access to the right support and guidance at the right time. It will see you accessing information on everything from Apprenticeships and applying for jobs, through to curriculum related activities and career planning progression talks.

Your Careers Programme Entry Level and Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Induction Week: Overview of Careers Advice and Guidance Programme and people who can support you with your career planning
Induction Week: tour of the College, including the Career Ready Hubs
Throughout the year: individual tutorials, including career planning
Throughout the year: 1:1 support from the Careers Advice and Guidance Team
Throughout the year: individual support and career planning for students with Special Educational and Support Needs (SEND)
Throughout the year: support from the College's Apprenticeship Team on applying for Apprenticeships
Throughout the year: personal career research using College career planning resources
Throughout the year: curriculum-based careers-related activities and trips
Spring Term: career planning progression talks
Autumn Term: Higher Education and UCAS talks
Spring Term: Higher Education visits
Each term: College Open Events
Southern University Network (SUN): supports groups and individuals
Individual work experience placements and enrichment activities