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If you're considering an Apprenticeship, but not sure if it's for you, some of our apprentices have shared their experiences and what they love about being an apprentice. Simply click on an image to read their story.

Meet our apprentices...

Barbara, Engineering Apprentice
"The Apprenticeship is providing a stepping stone into my dream career" Read more
Charlotte, Engineering Apprentice
"Since starting my Apprenticeship, the opportunities I have been given and what I can get are unbelievable." Read more
Charlotte, HR Apprentice
"‘It has been three years now, and I am really happy with my choice to pursue practical knowledge and experience early on." Read more 
Georga Turner, Software Apprentice
"It’s helped my development style and helped me to get the skills I’ll need to hopefully one day secure my dream role as a senior developer." Read more
Hugo, Hairdressing Apprentice
"I had friends and family in the industry and they advised me to go down the Apprenticeship route" Read more
Jack, Business Administration Apprentice
"I’ve gained a lot of confidence, but also team working skills and knowledge." Read more
James, Commis Chef Apprentice
"I really enjoy my job and can see me being a chef for the rest of my life." Read more
Lauren, HR Support Apprentice
"Each day is a learning day and with that my confidence in the role is continuously growing too" Read more
Olivia, Beauty Apprentice
"You learn so much both in the working environment and at College." Read more
Phoebe, Beauty Therapy Apprentice
"The best part for me is that I am working full-time, training and earning money, plus gaining some great experience too." Read more
Rianne, Business Administration Apprentice
"The Apprenticeship has really helped to make me feel more confident in the workplace" Read more
Roxanne, Plumbing and Heating Apprentice
"I absolutely love my Apprenticeship, I love getting out there and meeting the customers" Read more 

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