Studying Full-Time

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Studying Full-Time

Could you be one of the many adults already benefiting from studying Full-Time?

It doesn’t matter what your age or background, we understand that everyone has different reasons for learning, which is why we offer a variety of ways to study.

Ranging from BTECs to Degrees, Full-Time courses are available in lots of subjects ranging from Media through to Construction. Plus they give you an opportunity to achieve a qualification faster than if studying Part-Time.

Air Cabin Crew at The Bournemouth & Poole CollegeHowever it’s not just about the course, as a Full-Time course is a personalised study programme focused on making the most of you. As well as your classroom study, you will also learn the essential knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

What does study involve?

Generally courses are study over a year. How these hours are spread out depends on the course. For example you could be doing 16 hours a week, for 36 weeks, over 3 days a week, or you might do 5 days a week for 20 weeks, with work experience for the remainder.

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