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Whether you come alone or with friends, hobby courses are all about learning new skills or developing existing ones, and are a great opportunity to meet new people

As people, we're all "works in progress" and learning doesn't have to stop when you leave school. The world is constantly changing and the opportunities to learn new things are wider than ever. Whether it's taking singing, acting or dance classes to unleash that inner performer, or honing DIY or IT skills, we can help you achieve your goals. Many people are looking to develop new skills to start a sideline business in their spare time, or boost their CV with a qualification, and others just want to learn something fun and socialise.

Whatever the reasons for choosing a hobby course, we have a wide range of options available and even if you don't see it listed, let us know what you're looking for and we may be able to help. We're always looking at ways we can help our communities with lifelong learning.

Our programme of Hobby Courses for this academic year has now ended but we’ll be releasing new dates on 1st August. Why not bookmark our News Feed, or follow our social channels at the bottom of this page, so you’re the first to know?