Studying Uniformed Public Services

Students orienteering and leadership

What you can expect in Uniformed Public Services

We want your time with us to be interesting, so you’ll get a chance to learn in your own way.

You will attend lectures, interactive classroom activities and seminars. There will also be visits from speakers in the various uniformed services, as well as workshops and practical sessions.

Classroom learning

As well as classroom learning (about 60% of your time), you’ll also take part in adventurous activities, teamwork and leadership training with further oportunities to participate in outdoor activities and visits including:

Outdoor activities
  • climbing, sailing, skiing and kayaking
  • mountain walking and biking
  • land navigation
  • Local fire stations
  • Magistrates and Law courts
  • Winfrith Police Head Quarters
  • Prison service


Taught by experienced tutors, you’ll learn about the practicalities of working in the uniformed public services. You’ll gain key skills through personal development and focus on areas such as confidence-building, fitness, respect, discipline and communication which are all transferable skills throughout other public sector jobs. You’ll also get lots of advice and support with career planning and progression as part of the course.

Work experience

A huge 96% of our students participate in 5 days work experience with the uniformed public services! Some of the placements have included

  • Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
  • Pier Cellars - Royal Navy Leadership Centre
  • Dartmoor - British Army Insight Course
  • Dorset Police
What careers you could go into
  • British Amy
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Police Service
  • Fire Service
  • Prison Service
  • Public Sector