Is English your second language?

Do you struggle to understand conversations or written English?

ESOL student in libraryIf you’re looking to improve your knowledge and abilities then an ESOL course will help you to master the basics and confidently understand English.

Our courses are centred on four key skill areas; reading, writing, listening and speaking. This real-life practical knowledge will help you in everyday situations such as speaking with doctors, teachers and Group of ESOL studentscolleagues and also with understanding and filling out forms such as visa applications.

Our tutors are fully qualified and are experienced in working with ESOL learners from a wide variety of nationalities at all levels.


If you’re 16-18 you can study ESOL full-time. The course is specifically designed for students who speak English as a second language. Based in central Bournemouth, you’ll study a range of different subject and develop skills to help you grow and progress.