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Race, Race, Race!

Bournemouth & Poole College Greenpower racing teamDid you know Bournemouth & Poole College has an outstanding racing team?

Our Greenpower team seeks to use motorsport help inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Sound interesting? Read on to find out all about our team, where we compete and how you can get involved...

What is Greenpower?

The Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity which promotes sustainable engineering and technology. The Greenpower racing series challenges students across the country to design, build and race their own electric cars, providing a truly unique set of challenges and experiences for the College’s participating students. 

Designing, building and racing for the College! 
Our Greenpower team work throughout the year designing, building and improving the team’s cars. This involves many fascinating elements, from aerodynamics to electro-mechanical and software engineering work. Working in the team, our students are able to learn about engineering finesse and advanced machining. On race weekends the team spends time analysing race data and studying all parameters on the car, from the speed to the temperature, elevation and power usage.
But of course to analyse data, there is the racing! The team races at prestigious tracks across the country, including Goodwood, Rockingham, Castle Combe and Dunsfold (better known as the Top Gear track!).
Take part in global competitions!
The team has achieved some outstanding results in kit car and F24+ races which involve students aged 9 to 25 from around the globe. In both International Finals in 2017 and 2018 at the Rockingham Speedway, the College’s car was the fastest kit car in the F24+ category, and in the 2018 International kit car final, the team finished 7th after charging through the field from 50th on the starting grid. 
Thinking of joining the team?
Our team is primarily engineering based, but there are opportunities to help the team in a number of interesting roles. Currently we are looking for micro-electronics students and software engineers interested in radio telemetry. 
However, if you are passionate about helping the team, we would also be interested to hear from students interested in helping to raise funds for the team and to help run our social media channels.

Our Greenpower team in pictures!

Click on the flickr logo below to check out our team in action.

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