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Core Tasks

  • Dances in adult entertainment establishments.
  • Receives clothing, luggage and other articles, collects fee and issues ticket and returns item to deposit or on presentation of receipt.
  • Collects payment, issues tickets and monitors the use of bathing huts, changing rooms, bath houses and deck chairs.
  • Examines and collects tickets at harbours, piers and similar thoroughfares or establishments not elsewhere classified.
  • Loads numbered balls into bingo machine, starts machine, removes balls and reads numbers, and checks winning bingo cards against numbers drawn.
  • Divines and tells fortunes by various means.
  • Assists in the movement of scenery and other stage equipment.
  • Assists hotel guests with luggage etc. on arrival and departure, keeps entrance lobby tidy, deals with guests’ enquiries.

Education Requirements

Level Percentage
Level 0 14.083171%
Level 1 7.00441%
Level 2 32.394112%
Level 3 19.541586%
Level 4-5 (Higher Education) 4.655933%
Level 6 (Bachelors) 16.421392%
Level 7 (Masters or equivalent) 4.384166%
Level 8 (Doctorate) 1.515229%

Salary Levels


Potential Salary


Entry Level Salary


Average Salary


Annual Openings