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Core Tasks

  • Writes journal articles, books, and addresses conferences, seminars and the media to reveal research findings.
  • Advises government, private organisations and special interest groups on policy issues.
  • Compiles and analyses quantitative and qualitative data, prepares reports and presents results to summarise main findings and conclusions.
  • Designs and develops an appropriate research methodology in order to address the research objective.
  • Presents results of scientific research to sponsors, addresses conferences and publishes articles outlining the methodology and results of research undertaken.
  • Analyses results and writes up results of tests and experiments undertaken.
  • Applies models and techniques to medical, industrial, agricultural, military and similar applications.
  • Designs tests and experiments to address research objective and find solutions.
  • Provides technical advisory and consulting services.
  • Plans, directs and undertakes research into natural phenomena.

Education Requirements

Level Percentage
Level 1 1.923793%
Level 2 0.599492%
Level 3 5.812024%
Level 6 (Bachelors) 40.972057%
Level 7 (Masters or equivalent) 14.238781%
Level 8 (Doctorate) 36.453854%

Salary Levels


Potential Salary


Entry Level Salary


Average Salary


Annual Openings