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Core Tasks

  • Directs or undertakes the preparation, publication and dissemination of reports and other information pertaining to the organisation.
  • Stimulates public interest by providing publicity, giving lectures and interviews.
  • Represents union, association or business in consultation and negotiation with government, employees and other bodies.
  • Drives innovation in the working practices of their organisation.
  • Formulates and directs the implementation of an organisation’s policies.
  • Plans, organises, coordinates and directs the resources of their organisation.
  • Organises local authority office work and resources, negotiates contracted out services.
  • Helps to formulate and implement local government policy and ensures legal and statutory provisions are observed.

Education Requirements

Level Percentage
Level 0 1.532137%
Level 1 2.757527%
Level 2 8.430337%
Level 3 13.534272%
Level 4-5 (Higher Education) 7.270279%
Level 6 (Bachelors) 41.46011%
Level 7 (Masters or equivalent) 20.577478%
Level 8 (Doctorate) 4.437858%

Salary Levels


Potential Salary


Entry Level Salary


Average Salary


Annual Openings