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Core Tasks

  • Helps diver into and out of diving suit, maintains communication with submerged diver and checks equipment and time spent under water.
  • Operates, cleans and lubricates valves and sluices, removes weeds, dead animals and other debris from waterways and carries out minor repairs to banks and footbridges.
  • Maintains land drainage systems and prepares graves for burial.
  • Measures and fixes timber and other structures to support excavations, cables or other rail, signal and telecoms equipment.
  • Heats and breaks up blocks of asphalt, bitumen or tar, stirs melting mixture, adds aggregate if required, pours mixture into buckets.
  • Covers ceilings, floors, walls and exposed surfaces of boilers, pipes and plant with insulating material.
  • Performs general labouring tasks such as loading and delivering materials and equipment, removing wall coverings, and preparing surfaces by cleaning, sanding, filling, etc..
  • Cleans equipment and tools, clears work area and otherwise assists building and woodworking trades workers as directed.
  • Mixes mortar, grouting material, cement screed, and plaster, prepares adhesive, primer and paints and similar construction material, and undertakes basic decorating, painting, plumbing and other maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Assists with the erection of ladders, scaffolding and work platforms, the rigging of cradles of hoisting equipment and the attaching of slings, hooks and guide ropes.
  • Conveys blocks, bricks, stone, mortar, roofing, felt, slates, wood and other building materials to the work area.

Education Requirements

Level Percentage
Level 0 11.656648%
Level 1 17.20438%
Level 2 34.111355%
Level 3 26.408215%
Level 4-5 (Higher Education) 5.805204%
Level 6 (Bachelors) 4.429568%
Level 7 (Masters or equivalent) 0.384632%

Salary Levels


Potential Salary


Entry Level Salary


Average Salary


Annual Openings