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Single bed bedroom

Become a Homestay Host to Bournemouth & Poole College students

The College offers students homestay accommodation with Homestay Hosts across Bournemouth and Poole.

We welcome many students each year. Some of these students are from overseas and have travelled long distances to study in the UK. Our Homestay Hosts are required to offer students bed, breakfast and a hot evening meal Monday to Friday, and three meals a day at the weekend.

The length of time a student chooses to stay with a Homestay Host varies greatly – students may stay anywhere between two weeks to two years.

Students can stay in a single room or a twin room shared with one other student (twin rooms are available for group bookings only).

Price list

Prices per person

1st September 2019 onwards


Single Room

£133 per week

Twin Room

£119 per week

Additional fee during College holidays *

£25 per week

Retainer fee during College holidays *

£49 per week

*Students who stay in their Homestay accommodation over the set college holidays (Christmas, Easter and half-terms) are required to pay an additional fee – this will cover the extra lunches that the host will provide. If, however, students choose to go away during the set college holidays, they will pay a retainer fee instead of the standard rate so that their room is held whilst they are away

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I live close enough to the college to become a Homestay host?

A. Students must be able to get from your home to the college by 9am in under 40 minutes and using just one direct bus. Check your journey to our college in Lansdowne (BH1 3JJ) and our college in Poole (BH14 0LS) to find out if your location meets the criteria.

Q. What needs to be in the student’s bedroom?

A. The student bedroom must provide the below:

  • Standard, good condition bed and mattress (futons, pull out couches or bunk beds are not permitted)
  • Adequate space around the bed for students to change comfortably and sufficient head room above
  • Desk or suitable surface for study with a satisfactory level of lighting
  • At least one chair
  • Bedside cabinet or table
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • A window which can be opened for ventilation, which provides a good level of natural light by day and with curtains or blinds which can be drawn at night
  • Electrical sockets sufficient in number and appropriately located for electrical equipment to be used without excessive or dangerous use of trailing extension cables
  • A safe and adjustable source of heating
  • Provision to keep personal items in a lockable cupboard, drawer or box
  • Suitable flooring which does not risk splinters or cuts or present a risk of tripping, and is of acceptable cleanliness and condition.

Please note that for twin rooms there must be two of each piece of furniture listed.

Q. What age will the students be?

A. Students requiring homestay will be aged 16 years and above. Very occasionally we may also require group leaders/teachers to be hosted but we will always ask before placing anyone with you.

Q. When do the students arrive?

A. There is no set day or time in the academic year for students to arrive. We accept students all throughout the academic year and during the summer also.

Q. How long does it take to become set up as a host?

A. If your application is accepted it takes approximately 10-12 weeks to become set up as a host, however the timings can be greatly affected by the DBS application process. Please note that we are not always looking for new Homestay Hosts as it will depend on the current demand.

Contact information

For more information please contact our Accommodation Office:

Telephone:      01202 205317

Address:        Bournemouth & Poole College
                       Meyrick Road
                       BH1 3JJ