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Choosing what to study

Deciding what to study is an important part of your son or daughter’s future prospects.

Options at age 16

Business student working with a tutorAll young people must stay in education or training until at least the end of the academic year when they turn 18. They have many choices; some thrive in academic environments and study A Levels while others make better progress studying vocational qualifications.

Options at age 18

Once they have completed their studies at age 18 young people are free to go out to work. However, many choose to stay in education. Higher Education remains a popular choice, but increasingly they are turning to Apprenticeships.

Guide to Qualifications

Our courses are designed to give your son or daughter the best possible route to work or further study, and it can seem daunting deciding which level is right for them. A lot will depend on their learning style and their aspirations for the future. To find out more about what each level or qualification means, take a look at:

Guide to Qualifcations


Our standard Entry Criteria

The various study choices:

Full-time BTEC courses




Higher Education