Lets Talk Apprenticeships!

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The students who hosted the 'Lets Talk Apprenticeships' event

Tourism and Events Management Foundation Degree students successfully hosted the recent “Let’s Talk Apprenticeships” event at the Stem Centre at North Road.

Working alongside Tony Moss and Sarah Barnett from the Business Enterprise department, the students invited teaching staff and careers advisors from schools across the Dorset area to learn about the apprenticeships offered at the college.

The event was well attended and the team worked together effectively to ensure the event received a positive response and was successful. The feedback from those who attended the event was really positive with guests saying they ‘gained a huge amount of information on what The College has to offer in the way of apprenticeships’.

The evening was finished off with the opportunity for guests to network with each other, as well as Staff from each of the College’s curriculum based Apprenticeship Teams.