Jellicoe Fringe Festival: 23rd – 25th April 2024

Bournemouth and Poole’s Jellicoe Theatre and Performing Arts department held its annual Fringe Festival, run by Level 6 (Degree) students from Tuesday, 23rd through to Thursday, 25th April.  

As part of the line-up, the newly created Horseplay Theatre and Lighten Up, Twin Melody along with Cocopod productions showcased an array of enticing and invigorating shows. The Theatre companies were made up and performed as part of final student projects for Level 6 Performing Arts students. They had to set up and run an event, with performances to boot. Performances at The Fringe were open to members of the public

Four students made up the biggest team at Horseplay; Lucy Neilson (Producer/Actor) Toby Batt (Actor), Brook Hopper (Actor/Costume and Props) and Ben May (Director/Actor). Lighten Up was a combination of two students, Sam Southwell (Actor/Producer) and Maz (Director). The third group was a duo Twin Melody including Emily Angel and Gracie Park. Finally, Cocopod was Coco Tarleton’s take on podcast interviewing. 

Horseplay Theatre debuted ‘Performance Lab Project B’ – a fast-paced face production following one woman on her tumultuous journey to find a lover in 19th-century France. Some serious role doubling/tripling or quadrupling was in place - since there were only four actors and 27 characters to bring this transformative show to life. The Lighten Up Theatre Company laughed in the face of adversity, and advocated the fearless exploration of empathetic connections – it is a play that looked at depression from a six-year-old’s perspective - whose mum is in hospital.

Twin Melody brought to the stage unforgettable live music experiences for restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, among other venues. Combining a love of Abba, classical Jazz and catchy pop tunes, they offered a night to remember for everyone. Upon graduation, Emily and Gracie plan to take their show around the South Coast to kickstart their careers.  

Cocopod worked closely with Hot Radio – designed to help individuals who might want to know more about the radio industry and wish to start a career in Broadcasting.

The line-up of the Jellicoe Fringe Festival is viewable at QR: