Graphic Design Student Welcomed at International Graffiti Festival in the Netherlands

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Danny Bush, Level 3 BTEC Graphic Design Student is heading off to Berenkuil, Eindhoven in the Netherlands for the International Graffiti Festival on 17/18 June.   Having applied and been accepted to participate, Danny is excited to meet up with some of the ‘rock stars’ of the graffiti world.

“You get to meet your idols and also leave your mark” said Danny.  At 18 he still has lots to learn but loves the world of graffiti and as noted by Art & Design Lecturer Joshua Read, “he is very talented.”  “The graffiti world is a pretty small community and we know each other.  This festival is a great opportunity for bonding” stressed Danny.

Danny has travelled all over leaving his elaborate piece of ‘street-art’ of his signature name ‘Nerk’ on designated graffiti sites.

This year the international graffiti festival Step in the Arena will celebrate their 8th Edition. More than 150 graffiti artists from all over the world come to Eindhoven and work the whole weekend at the creative transformation of Europe’s biggest Hall of Fame: The Berenkuil (Insulindeplein). Step in the Arena is the largest graffiti festival of the world. You can see all types of graffiti and street-art on the weekend: letters, cartoon, photorealistic and post modern graffiti.

Find out more about the festival at and check out Danny’s artwork on his Facebook profile – Nerk Graff.