College Women in STEM event seeks to find new ways to raise profile of women in the industry

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Bournemouth & Poole College has held a Women in STEM event for careers advisers, teachers and educational professionals. Following on from the success of last year’s event, the College again sought to find ways to inspire and develop the aspirations of young women, and to make them consider careers in STEM.

These events aim to give educational professionals the chance to create STEM networks and opportunities for continuing professional development, as well as providing support to careers education and advice and guidance services to help them facilitate challenging non stereotypical career choices.

Keynote speaker Adrienne Saunders, founder of the Yes You Can training company, gave an important speech about how can women raise their profile and be remembered for their achievements.

For Adrienne, visibility is one of the key contemporary issues for women in STEM. She said: “It is impossible to deny that companies are struggling to keep their talented female staff in this field of industry. Organisations are simply changing their cultures far too slowly. Raising the profile of women in STEM is a crucial step in improving this situation."

Emma May, founder of Emmerse Studios and former College student, felt the event was an important means of inspiring young women to pursue their dreams in STEM:

“When I was a student in College I was the only female student in my class. However that did not stop me going on to complete my Degree in CGI and founding my own business. I really enjoy inspiring people and helping them overcome challenges so they can be successful in their own careers. Events like these mean I can pass on my own experience to help others”

Diane Grannell, Principal and Chief Executive of Bournemouth & Poole College College, was pleased with the message of the event:

“At the College, we strive to open up opportunities to students of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race or gender. Encouraging young women to feel comfortable pursuing a career in STEM has long been a key goal of ours, and holding these events sends a clear signal that we are standing by this commitment.”