Bournemouth & Poole College celebrates A Level success

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Sixth Form students at The College had many reasons to celebrate this week with an overall pass rate of 95%and 100% in 16 subjects. It reflected the hard work of the students, who now have their next step for the future in place.

What is particularly impressive about the high pass rate is that 2017 introduced the government’s new A Level reforms, reducing the emphasis on coursework and making exam assessment more prevalent. This meant that some students had to contend with both the new and old exam style, however they took it in their stride with most getting the grades they needed to put their exciting future plans in place.  

Megan Hawtin took A Level Psychology, Sociology and combined English Language/Literature.

‘I liked the atmosphere of coming to the college do Sixth Form, I loved the rapport I was able get with my teachers and other students. My results are really brilliant, I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve been able to make and they’ll allow me to go onto uni to study at Winchester. I’m hoping to go onto a professional career in Psychology which Bournemouth & Poole College has really built me up to start working on.’

Sarah Lane studied A Level Psychology, Sociology and Biology.

‘I enjoyed the fact that I had a really good relationship with my teachers and also enjoyed the atmosphere which allows you to be really independent. I got 3 A’s and they’ll affect my future because they’ve allowed me to go to Surrey University to do Nutrition.’

Sakib Rahman took A Level Finance, Sociology and Psychology.

‘The lecturers were great. We had good times but most importantly we were learning as well. I’m going to Bournemouth Uni to study Accounting and Finance hoping for a future career as a tax adviser or in financial management.’

Laura Vescance moved over from Columbia 3 years ago which made her A Level results in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology especially impressive.

‘When I came here my English wasn’t as good so it was a bit hard at the beginning, but everyone was really nice and my teachers helped me learn a lot. I got A,A,B and I’m really happy because I get to go to the University I want to and do the career I want to. I’m going to do medical sciences so I hope to be involved in the research area.’

The support that the Bournemouth & Poole College offers students allows them to gain the confidence to aspire towards their goals, and this is especially apparent within the Sixth Form. Students are given the freedom to be an individual and encouraged to take charge of their own time and independent learning. At the same time specialist tutors are on hand to make sure students have the tools they need for a successful future career.  Judging on the high pass rates, which are above national average, it is definitely a system that works.

Tracey Griffin, Director of Learning for Sixth Form, said,

‘We’re incredibly proud of our students and what they have achieved. The students have worked hard this year and it shows. I have no doubt that they will go on to have amazing future careers.’