AFC Bournemouth legend Steve Fletcher opens The College’s new Fit Rooms

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The students showed Steve around the new facilities

Steve, now retired as a player but still scouting for the club, was invited to unveil the college’s new Fit Rooms at the Lansdowne site, Bournemouth. These state-of-the-art facilities are the latest in a long line of developments the college has created for its students.

The Fit Rooms will be available for any students to access and consist of a Fit studio, Fit gym and a Fit hall, which will host a variety of fitness classes.

Steve said: “It’s a pretty impressive set up. It is great to see the college putting emphasis on fitness training and creating the space for young people to work-out.”

College Sport lecturer Daniel Wilden-Taylor said: “We offer the opportunity to take part in a variety of competitive, recreational and alternative sports. The refurbishment of our sports facilities means that more people can get involved. We’ll be actively encouraging all our students to make as much use of the Fit Rooms as possible. ”

The new Fit Rooms are not only for the enjoyment and training of students. They are also open to the public through an innovative public membership scheme. Part of the new set is a team of personal trainers. They are Anna Farah, Angie Downey and Mo Salman who will add extra motivation to the college fitness experience.