Your first step towards a career in CGI

CGI animation by BPC student

It’s a really exciting time to be part of the Animation industry in the UK

We offer two main pathways in CGI – Architectural Visualisation, and Modelling & Animation.

Architectural visualisation

Anything from 3D walkthroughs of construction sites to 3D virtual environments for modelling simulations.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a number of projects such as modelling National Trust monument Corfe Castle, archaeological re-constructions, walkthroughs for architects and estate management.

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Modelling and animation

This could cover computer-generated sequences in advertising, TV and film, games,
digital special effects, engineering design, and corporate project presentations.

We have 5 hi-spec computer suites and work with cutting edge resources including two inertial motion capture suits, a hand-held
3D scanner and 400+ core render farm – all of which you can use in your projects.

See our Foundation Degree course

See our BA (Hons) Top-up course


We’ve been training Animation and CGI students for over a decade and have helped place them into over 100 different companies where they have assisted in creating some really exciting projects. Former students work with The Mill, Moving Picture Company, Framestore, Codemasters, Lionhead Studios, Visual House and Emperor Vision. They have worked on movies like Tale of Desperaux and Harry Potter, adverts for Comfort, Lynx and Audi and also games including 50 Cent, Need for Speed and DJ Hero.


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