Monica Young, Supporting Teaching and Learning

Classroom teaching as part of Supporting Teaching and Learning course

What does Monica think?

If you're considering a Full-Time course but not sure if it's for you, read Monica's story to hear her experience.

Monica Young, age 54

Level 2, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Adult learner outside as part of Supporting Teaching and Learning course at Bournemouth & Poole College"Graduating from Thames Valley University in the late 80s with a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, I went on to work and carve a career in Human Resource Management before deciding to give up work to raise the family.

Five children later, a spell in Telesales working from home and setting up and running my own Tapas Bar, I found myself looking for something that was going to stimulate me and spark a passion. I had volunteered in my children’s schools over a period of 22 years and when I looked into teaching careers, I thought this is something that I could do. I have a lot of experience with children – I’ve raised a family, plus my life experiences would help too.

I was very nervous about going back into a classroom environment again, especially as I have dyslexia, but it’s been fine. In fact I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s been plenty of support if I’ve needed it and my confidence grew very quickly as I was able to draw on my own life experiences. I’ve never felt at 54 I shouldn’t be studying.

“I would put this experience in the top five worthwhile things I’ve done in my life.”

There’s a lot more to teaching than I thought, especially around Child Development, safeguarding and legislation, but I feel now that I have a solid grounding and understanding of it all now to be able to take the knowledge forward into future roles. Well I must have learnt something as I applied for a job whilst still on the course and was successfully appointed!

Studying and maintaining a family has been challenging and has required me to be disciplined, but I did it. At the time my daughter was studying for her A Levels in one room and I would be doing assignments in another room. I never thought I would see that happen.

Children never cease to amaze me at how quickly they develop and learn. At the start I didn’t know which path the course would take me down and had no idea that I would end up working with special education needs children. It’s very rewarding.

If you’re thinking about getting back into education, just do it. I was never an A* student and I’ve managed and coped really well. It’s never too late to get back into the classroom and it’s never too late to change your career. It’s given me loads of confidence and the platform to say “I achieved that.” I would put this experience in the top five worthwhile things I’ve done in my life."