Matthew Ware, FdSc Early Years Service

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What does Matt think?

If you're considering a Part-Time course but not sure if it's for you, read Matt's story to hear his experience.

Matthew Ware, age 35

FdSc Early Years Services

"I’d spent many years with no desire to learn and left school at the age of 16, but I wanted to build a better life for my family so decided to explore my options. However after recently separating from wife, I found myself as a full-time carer to my two young children. 

Looking after my children made me realise that I wanted to work in school, perhaps even become a teacher one day, so I began to volunteer at a local school. I really enjoyed the environment and watching the children flourish, so from there I went on to apply for a role as a lunchtime supervisor. I obviously did something right in the interview, as the school offered me a part-time teaching assistant position!

My goal was to keep furthering myself and after completing a teaching assistant course, I got in touch with the college to discuss teaching qualifications.

As a single dad I wanted to show my children that learning is important. This course has not only opened up new work opportunities, but it’s also changed my outlook and how I bring up my children.

I remember the first day at college and feeling very daunted by the prospect of returning to education. How was I going to cope looking after my children, running the home and working? Will I be the only adult? You soon realise though that there are other adults and they’re all feeling the same, and facing similar dilemmas to you.

Within a matter of weeks The College felt like home. The amount of support you’re given is faultless, especially if you’ve been out of education for a while - it can be overwhelming learning how to write assignments and reference. However you’re able to book sessions with experts and there are lots of resources to refer to.

The course itself has given me a new outlook, made me a better practitioner and changed the way I bring up my children. I’ve met some fantastic people and made some good friendships out of this experience too. It’s already opened up new doors for me, my employer can see my commitment and I’m now working full-time. I can’t recommend returning to education enough.

I’d say to any adult thinking of returning to education to just take the leap of faith, who knows where it’s going to take you."