Karen Hines, Teaching and Learning

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What does Karen think?

If you're considering a Part-Time course but not sure if it's for you, read Karen's story to hear her experience.

Karen Hines, age 44

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Karen Hines, Bournemouth & Poole College Childcare student"All three of my children went to St. Mark’s school, and I started helping at the school when my youngest child joined the school. It quickly became my favourite part of the week and the teachers really encouraged me to take it further. I was recommended the Teaching Assistant course at the College by other people who had attended. I have never looked back! The course has really helped build my confidence and get back into employment after a career break.

The course teaches you everything you need to know about childcare. As a parent I am comfortable engaging with children, but it is crucial to understand that children are all very different. I really enjoy learning about child psychology and how to respond to different children. But the course also teaches you a variety of other aspects of childcare. For example you have to learn about your legal obligations when caring for children, as well as child protection.

The course gave me the courage, the confidence and the experience to apply for my current full time job in childcare.

My college tutor was absolutely fantastic and helped me with my job application and was always on hand to offer advice. The same can be said of my classmates. It was a lovely group, and it meant that when completing assignments there were always opportunities to get support.

I would really recommend this course to other people who are looking to get into childcare. In my opinion it is an absolutely essential foundation to have to be able to work effectively in this sector."