North Road Music Centre Practice Rooms

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Music equipment in the North Road Music Centre, Bournemouth & Poole College, Dorset.

Brand new affordable rehearsal space.

Welcome! Here at NRMC we cater for a wide range of musical formats.

music facility entranceWhether you are just you and an acoustic guitar, or a seven piece industrial metal band, we have a space suitable for you.

We have 2 small project rooms kitted out with an amp, P.A, electric piano and an electric drum kit. 7 Rehearsal rooms with 2 guitar amps, a bass amp, a drum kit, electric piano and a P.A.  We even have a large performance space with all of the above set up like a gig.

Opening times

Monday 6pm - 10pm
Tuesday 6pm - 10pm
Wednesday 6pm - 10pm
Thursday 6pm - 10pm
Friday Closed

Saturdays and Sundays are available for studio bookings, subject to engineer availability.

Price list

Project room £10
Rehearsal room £28
Performance space £35

(Bournemouth and Poole College students qualify for half price on Rehearsal rooms and Performance space.)

So, if you're after regular band practice or just a one-off slot, solo instrument rehearsals or to showcase your band to prospective clients, even just a Jamming session, get in contact and see what we have available.  You could also use our spaces for your private instrument tuition sessions.


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