Parent and Carer FAQ

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Need some more information?

We've compiled a list of questions we get asked quite a lot about our Key Stage 4 courses.

Hopefully you will find all the information you need in the FAQs below, but if not then please contact us.

Can I visit my child at The College?

As a rule, parents do not visit classes – by choice of the students! However parents can book a meeting with the KS4 team and visit The College, have a tour and meet tutors.

How do I apply for a place for my child?

Most applications come through your child’s school or learning centre, but please contact the KS4 team if you have any questions, especially if you are new to the area or have a child out of main stream education.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes. Courses in The College need to be funded, but this is normally picked up by the school after it has been agreed that a college course is suitable for your child. We can also take privately funded students if necessary.

Will I get regular reports on my child’s progress at The College?

As a rule, reports are sent to the schools who may then pass these on to you, or use them for their end of term reports to you. You can also call the KS4 office on 01202 205206 at any time if you require an update on your child.

What happens if my child cannot attend their course at The College?

Simply ring the KS4 office, in the same way you would if your child could not attend school.

How does discipline work at The College?

Initially, poor behaviour will be dealt with in college and communicated to your child’s school. Following this, the school may also follow this up with detention or another punishment. A suspension may also be placed on your child from their college course. In extreme circumstances parents may be asked to attend a meeting in school or college.